Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

  Before actually talking about Dead Rising 2, I thought it'd be a good idea to talk about its prequel, Case Zero.  Now, the first thing I liked about the game was its price point.  There are full games on Xbox Live Arcade that don't have nearly as much content that this game does for twice the price.  The next thing was the addition of more save slots.  Unlike the first game, you won't have to decide if you want to save your infinite mode or if you want to replay the story from where you're at.

     But this isn't as big to me as the gameplay is.  The new mechanic of combo weapons is a fantastic addition.  The first thing you get to make is the Spiked-baseball bat.  A rather fun combo, adding extra damages to a regular hit and adding an additional One Hit Kill that gives you additional PP, as all combo weapons do.  In this game/demo (hard to really say what it is)  there are nine combo weapons, each interesting in its own way.  The drill bucket is an instant kill, drilling through the zombies skull through many point after placing it on the head.  The Beer Hat, a hat that dispenses health in the form of beer.  Paddle Chainsaw, two chainsaws attached to the ends of a paddle and used to row through waves of enemy.

      The mechanics for the game remain the same: Health is by blocks with food and drink restoring it, weapons have different attacks and power, speed and jump aren't the best, skills are learned, inventory space increases, and the survivors still complain.  The survivors do seem more competent this time around, though.  Also, time seems to move a little faster this time around, so no more having to wait around for a mission to start, but then again it might just be me.  The characters seem likable to me, and Chuck and Katey's current situation can lead to a pretty good story.

     But not everything is perfect.  The save system still requires you to find a bathroom, which isn't inconvenient in the small town of Still Creek, but once we get to Fortune City, who's to say.  Also, Chuck's jumping skill is terrible.  Most of the jumps I make can barely make it to the next
platform, let alone to something about eight feet away.  Not only that, but Chuck can't take a fall either.  The low lying roofs over the doors of building can take away a whole block sometimes.  As for Chuck's speed, hopefully it'll be upgradeable in Dead Rising 2.  Grandma was slow cause she was old, Chuck.  But my biggest complaint is driving the motorcycle.  Chuck is suppose to be a huge motocross champion, but the bike controls are stiffer than a flag pole.  Yes, it was built from essentially destroyed bike parts, but that doesn't mean making a right turn should be impossible.

     Overall, this game is really good.  I'd recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good zombie game or sanbox games.  The price is low, the gameplay is good, the story is fairly good, and there are plenty of zombies to kill.  It has it's faults, but these are easy to overlook.  A solid 4/5 in my book.

-New Weapons
-Low Pricepoint
-Multiple Save Slots
-Combo Weapons
-Remains true to the original formula
-Plenty of Zombies to Slay

-Motorcycle controls
-Save System
-Health System
-Jumping and Running

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