Saturday, October 2, 2010


     I'm one of those people who has a laptop. I'm fortunate enough that I can take this thing anywhere and essentially use it any time I want. But, is it really better than a desktop computer?

     Granted, there are laptops that are better than desktops, but they are usually more expensive than a desktop that's just as good.  Not only that, but a laptop is much harder to upgrade than a desktop since a lot of things are integrated together to make the laptop small and portable.  And if your laptop begins to have issues, it probably isn't cheap to replace the parts and it isn't too easy to take apart either.  Battery life is typically good, but without a charger a laptop is almost worthless.  My experiences with chargers and batteries haven't been good ones.  I used to own a Dell Laptop: Worked pretty good for a year, and then the charger wouldn't work, another one lasted a year and died, and it didn't help that the Dell battery died in about a year and a half too.  Now I've had an HP Pavillion for a little over a year and the battery ain't lasting like it used too and it's beginning to slow down, but that's to be expected I suppose.

     But now for positives.  I enjoy the portability of a laptop a lot and built in wireless is a fantastic feature.  Unlike a desktop, I don't have to worry about being chained to one part of the house and can move mt laptop around.  I'm a big fan of the touchpad now and find it weird that I used to use a mouse all the time.  A nice compressed keyboard makes typing easier and allows for quick volume change.  While I'm at it, my HP has an SD car slot, 3 usb ports, HDMI port, quick access to a media center, disk burner, 2 ethernet ports, and a TV tuner port, all which are available on a desktop that is stuck to a desk.  And battery isn't always a problem since there's an option to change battery power plans.

     All in all, a laptop is a great thing to have in portability, but might not be the thing to use in the long run.  A desktop computer has its own pros and cons, just like the laptop, but it really comes down to the person and the price. 


  1. I agree, especially on the upgrading part.

  2. I prefer my laptop over pc. maybe cos i can be lazy and just lie in bed with it

  3. I wish i had a desktop, my laptop just struggles to play newer games

  4. I think you need to have both, to be honest, if you need portability AND power. There is no compromise that is GOOD enough.

  5. Nope, they may be good in combination with, but thats about it.